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We Play on a Rainy Day

June 29, 2015

One of my kids’ favourite books these days is a story called We Play on a Rainy Day. It’s the tale of a group of school children who love to play outdoors and “have fun in the sun” but are upset at being cooped up indoors when it rains. They “pout and shout- we want to go out, we want to go out!” and the unseen teachers in the story must finally relent, because the last few pages of the story have the kids donning rain gear and splashing and stomping in the rain.


After two days of heavy downpours, Cat, Em and World’s Greatest Dad and I were antsy to channel the spirit of this book and head outdoors as well! The kids had a great time puddle jumping, splashing and exploring the foliage in the rain.

Here are some things my kids discovered:

  •  If you gently swat the bushes or low-hanging branches of a tree with your umbrella, you move the raindrops off the leaves and make it shower!
  • The water whooshing through the storm drains sounds like a river
  • The grass and flowers look much brighter after it rains
  • The snails look happy
  • Em can indeed walk quite well in her hand-me-down rain boots!




Have you enjoyed a rainy day recently?


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