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Bronte Creek Provincial Park’s Victorian Christmas Giveaway

November 22, 2015

Halton Region has just been blanketed by its first layer of snow this season, outdoor holiday lights are being hung and kids everywhere are eagerly anticipating Santa’s arrival. If you (like me) cringe at the thought of taking your family to a crowded mall to wait in line for hours, burdened by heavy coats and squirmy kids, for your 30 second visit with Santa, take heart. There is another option.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park’s Victorian Christmas offers visitors the chance to experience an old-fashioned Christmas, complete with a year 1900 heritage home decked out for the holidays, traditional games, crafts, songs and activities (and baking!).  In addition, visitors have the opportunity to visit a sweet little rustic cabin on the property, enticed by the smell of apple cider and the sounds of jingle bells and a a cheerful “ho ho ho” chuckle. Yes, Santa is in residence at Bronte Creek, and instead of this:

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The More You Know


September 14, 2015

Stay Outdoors Halton Mommy is a blog that celebrates finding joy in nature and living a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle, with a special focus on activities, events and resources available to families with kids living in Halton Region, Ontario, Canada.

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Why I Believe in Outdoor Play

June 26, 2015

As a mom of two who is passionate about exploring the great outdoors with her kids, it came as no surprise to me that a recent ParticipACTION report linked outdoor, open-ended play with positive outcomes in children’s physical, emotional and mental health. My kids are definitely happiest digging in the dirt, making “bird soup” with sand pails, water and twigs or examining the forest floor after it rains.

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Our Fairy Garden

June 18, 2015

One day last year, I was taking the girls for a stroll down a street in our neighbourhood when we spotted a peculiar sight. On one of the tree trunks at the base, there appeared to be a tiny door. On closer inspection, we discovered a fairy garden! We examined the miniscule furniture, sparkling glass beads, beautifully arranged flowers and stones forming a pathway around the base of the tree. Where did the tiny door lead to? One can only imagine that it was the portal into a magic underground of fairies, nymphs, elves or even mischievous goblins.

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