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Summer is Here!

July 16, 2015

It is hot and sunny. The kind of weather I wish I could somehow bottle up and bring out on a freezing day in January. Just to feel the sweet, sweet heat on my face, and feel my tense muscles unwind as I sink, deeply and pleasantly, into total relaxation in a hammock (preferably with a mojito of some kind). I may blog about enjoying the great outdoors in all kinds of weather, but summer is more than a season to me- it’s my happy place.

This summer, I am home with the kids and we have tons of fun stuff planned. We kicked if off with a weekend cottage trip to visit friends up in Muskoka. The kids loved splashing around in the lake with their playmates, making sandcastles and we even let them stay up late and watch fireworks that some of the adults set off from the beach. Cat even slept in a tent for the first time ever (Em and I were tucked away in a well-appointed bunkie. She can be a poor sleeper at the best of times, and I knew the stimulation of a night under the stars would result in an extremely cranky beast the next day- not the best thing to bring to a cottage as a guest!). All in all, a great trip and a wonderful start to our summer of fun!


Em is becoming a real cottage girl- not afraid to get dirty and loving the water


Here are some pics. What have you been up to so far?

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