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Kids Spa Day (the natural way!)

October 16, 2015

My kids are at the age (2 and 4.5 years) where they love to copy me and follow me like a shadow. Sometimes, this is flattering, and other times, it’s annoying. Sorry, kids. I’ll move and unexpectedly bump into one. Or trip over a toddler who beelines out of nowhere. But the other day was one of those times when it was heart-meltingly adorable.

I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, applying moisturizer to my face. Em stood on her stepstool, seriously watching my reflection in the mirror. Next time I glanced at her,  she was carefully smoothing onto her face (and hair) the closest available product: a tub of her dad’s Vaseline that he uses for lip balm. I couldn’t help but laugh as I cleaned her up and promised her we’d play “beauty spa” when Grandma came next weekend for an overnight visit. My only dilemma: where to find natural “beauty” products that would be suitable for my kids to use (and let’s face it, probably lick).

Luckily, a local Halton business, Getting Back to Natural Living, had the answer. Owned by mompreneur Elvira Erkucuk, Getting Back to Natural Living offers natural lotions, balms, soaps and other products made from all-natural ingredients, with no parabens, artificial fragrances or preservatives. Elvira offered to make up a custom “spa kit” for the girls with a sample of popular items in kid-friendly scents.

Now that I had the products, I set about transforming our basement into a spa oasis for the girls. As someone who loves to go “spa-ing” (but sadly doesn’t have as much time and money to pursue this hobby as she did before kids), I know a thing or two about what makes a good spa experience:

  1. Soft lighting. I used LED votives to lend an aura of calm and tranquility without posing a fire hazard (because, wayward toddlers).
  2. Music. Our cable provider had a lovely array of music to choose from. I opted to go with the Aquarium Channel- soothing music and mesmerizing fish. Win.
  3. Services. I set up a foot soaking tray for each girl using small square plastic boxes, river rocks and gemstones from the dollar store. The table also boasted a nail soak station, white makeup wedges and warm hand towels along with the lotions and lip balm.


With my mom and I acting as the spa attendants, we led the girls into the room. They were in awe! Cat immediately gravitated to the Coconut Milk foot soak station with rose petals, while Em wanted to check out the products on the table.  Cat took to the spa experience like a fish to water (a girl after my own heart). She closed her eyes in bliss as my mom massaged her feet with the Pinky Pink Hand and Foot Cream , and she happily offered to massage my mom’s hands afterwards.

Em, for her part, delighted in giving her sister a facial with the Lotion bar and applying the Tropical Lip balm everywhere except her lips. She isn’t a child to sit still, but I started to massage her feet and she relaxed and quite enjoyed it.


FullSizeRender (1)


The girls had an absolute blast and my mom and I did too. Em was a bit of a mess at the end, as she indeed had tested the products on on her entire head it seemed. But she cleaned up just fine and even her pajamas (which had smears of the pink cream) came out white again in the wash. Score for products that don’t stain! The best part was, the girls were so relaxed from their spa experience that they drifted easily off to sleep that night. My mom and I opened a bottle of wine and relaxed ourselves that night!

It’s been about a month since then, and Cat still talks about her spa day and wants to do it again soon. If you’re looking for a relatively easy playdate idea for younger kids, or sleepover activity for older kids, a spa day is a winner. Pinterest has tons of cool ideas for make your own spa kit, but if you want to save the hassle and expense of DIY, finding a reputable natural products supplier is the way to go.

Getting Back to Natural Living’s customized kids spa kits start at $15, and can be special ordered via email to

Disclosure: Products were received on a complimentary basis, for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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