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Christmas in July!

July 20, 2015

We have spent the last few glorious summer weeks up in Ontario cottage country. My favourite things (hot weather, the great outdoors, loads of amazing food and drink, and most importantly, time with my family) all combined to make it one happy vacation.


  • Cat and Em each rode in a kayak for the first time! With an adult, of course, but they loved gliding across the smooth lake.
  • Cat’s swimming lessons have really paid off. She is so confident in the water now and spent hours jumping off the aqua lily pad (best invention ever…a large floating foamboard) and splashing around with her cousins.
  • We celebrated Christmas in July! Since there were 10 of us at the cottage, we decided to throw a turkey in the oven, make all the trimmings and kick back on the deck overlooking the lake, enjoying a feast. It was amazing! We joked that we felt very Australian with our cold drinks and cooking in our bathing suits 😉

The kids (two 11-year olds, an 8-year old, 4-year old and 2-year old) decided that it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree! Without any direction or prodding from the adults, they set off to create a masterpiece. When they were ready to show it off, this is what we found:

a cottage Christmas tree!

a cottage Christmas tree!

Isn’t it beautiful? The kids were so proud of their creation and we were all very impressed. Cat absolutely loved helping the big girls with this craft, and was especially thrilled with her idea of using a daisy in place of a Christmas star.

The kids displayed creativity, resourcefulness and teamwork to create their tree. We all enjoyed sitting at the table enjoying its beauty. Later that night, we used it as kindling in the bonfire…underscoring the point that everything in nature has a purpose 🙂

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