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Barre Life Oakville- Review

April 19, 2016

Did you ever take ballet lessons as a kid? I started lessons at around age 4, and though I gave it up around 7, I still remember the feeling of twirling around in my little pink slippers on the hardwood floor and the feeling graceful and beautiful. I still have a penchant for ballerina buns and ballet flats (of the Michael Kors variety) and I am now the proud mom of two daughters who are now dance obsessed. I must admit though, I do feel a tad wistful when I watch my oldest take her lessons. That’s why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to check out Oakville’s very own ballet fitness studio for adults- Barre Life.

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Review- Cameron’s Brewing Company

February 3, 2016

If you’re a parent, particularly one still in the trenches of diapers, daycare and and crackers in the car seats, the concept of “date night” with your partner might seem like a hazy, distant memory. Between work, kids and other commitments, it can be hard to find the time, and, let’s face it, energy. But let’s say the stars align and you do have a free evening (and babysitter), where do you go? The standard dinner and a movie is great, but if you’re searching for something different, experiential and local to do, look no further than Oakville’s very own craft brewery. Continue Reading…

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Victorian Christmas- a family tradition in Halton Region

December 7, 2015

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Bronte Creek Provincial Park is one of our family’s favourite outdoor spots in Halton Region. I was super excited to check out their Victorian Christmas event this year. We hadn’t been since 2012 (see my post from that time), and had never been with Em. The marketing specialist, Andrew, assured me that the event this year’s event was the best yet, with even more games, activities and decorations, and we couldn’t wait to check it out.

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Giveaway Alert!

October 25, 2015

To celebrate the launch of SOHM, we are giving away a mini spa kit from Getting Back to Natural Living. Valued at $15, this custom kit includes: coconut foot soak, lip balm, lotion bar, Pinky Pink hand and foot cream and a bag of rose petals.
These products are all natural, with no harmful chemicals, additives, SLS or parabens. Check out my review here if you missed it.

Want to create a DIY spa day at home with your kids? Need some pampering yourself and don’t want to share? No judgement here!

To enter, leave a comment below, check out our Facebook page or tweet to @SOHM_Ash  using hashtag #SOHM

Contest closes November 8 at 8pm local time.


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Kids Spa Day (the natural way!)

October 16, 2015

My kids are at the age (2 and 4.5 years) where they love to copy me and follow me like a shadow. Sometimes, this is flattering, and other times, it’s annoying. Sorry, kids. I’ll move and unexpectedly bump into one. Or trip over a toddler who beelines out of nowhere. But the other day was one of those times when it was heart-meltingly adorable.

I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, applying moisturizer to my face. Em stood on her stepstool, seriously watching my reflection in the mirror. Next time I glanced at her,  she was carefully smoothing onto her face (and hair) the closest available product: a tub of her dad’s Vaseline that he uses for lip balm. I couldn’t help but laugh as I cleaned her up and promised her we’d play “beauty spa” when Grandma came next weekend for an overnight visit. My only dilemma: where to find natural “beauty” products that would be suitable for my kids to use (and let’s face it, probably lick).

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