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Kids Spa Day (the natural way!)

October 16, 2015

My kids are at the age (2 and 4.5 years) where they love to copy me and follow me like a shadow. Sometimes, this is flattering, and other times, it’s annoying. Sorry, kids. I’ll move and unexpectedly bump into one. Or trip over a toddler who beelines out of nowhere. But the other day was one of those times when it was heart-meltingly adorable.

I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, applying moisturizer to my face. Em stood on her stepstool, seriously watching my reflection in the mirror. Next time I glanced at her,  she was carefully smoothing onto her face (and hair) the closest available product: a tub of her dad’s Vaseline that he uses for lip balm. I couldn’t help but laugh as I cleaned her up and promised her we’d play “beauty spa” when Grandma came next weekend for an overnight visit. My only dilemma: where to find natural “beauty” products that would be suitable for my kids to use (and let’s face it, probably lick).

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