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Summer is Here!

July 16, 2015

It is hot and sunny. The kind of weather I wish I could somehow bottle up and bring out on a freezing day in January. Just to feel the sweet, sweet heat on my face, and feel my tense muscles unwind as I sink, deeply and pleasantly, into total relaxation in a hammock (preferably with a mojito of some kind). I may blog about enjoying the great outdoors in all kinds of weather, but summer is more than a season to me- it’s my happy place.

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Active Play, From the Archives, Outdoor Adventures

We Play on a Rainy Day

June 29, 2015

One of my kids’ favourite books these days is a story called We Play on a Rainy Day. It’s the tale of a group of school children who love to play outdoors and “have fun in the sun” but are upset at being cooped up indoors when it rains. They “pout and shout- we want to go out, we want to go out!” and the unseen teachers in the story must finally relent, because the last few pages of the story have the kids donning rain gear and splashing and stomping in the rain.


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Our Fairy Garden

June 18, 2015

One day last year, I was taking the girls for a stroll down a street in our neighbourhood when we spotted a peculiar sight. On one of the tree trunks at the base, there appeared to be a tiny door. On closer inspection, we discovered a fairy garden! We examined the miniscule furniture, sparkling glass beads, beautifully arranged flowers and stones forming a pathway around the base of the tree. Where did the tiny door lead to? One can only imagine that it was the portal into a magic underground of fairies, nymphs, elves or even mischievous goblins.

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Active Play, Family Life, From the Archives, Outdoor Adventures

Best summer spots to enjoy with kids: Oakville edition

May 28, 2015

Full disclosure: I am not a born and bred Oakvillian. World’s Greatest Dad and I were living and working in Toronto when we decided to take the plunge and buy a home. I had heard of Oakville before, of course, and had a university friend who’s family home I visited once. I was struck by this peaceful lakeside town with its wide lots, beautiful homes and laid-back lifestyle After touring another dilapidated half a million dollar hovel on the Danforth (which would now elicit a bidding war over a million dollars, I’m sure), I moaned to WGD “I wish we could just move to Oakville!”. Long story short- that’s exactly what we did. That was six years ago and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

We’ve since added Cat and Em to the mix, and having kids has really made exploring our chosen community that much more fun. With summer fast approaching, I thought I’d share a round-up of my Top 5 favourite spots to spend the summer in Oakville with the family.

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