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The lull between seasons

November 7, 2015

It’s November, which means the excitement of Halloween is over but Christmas seems very far away (even more so when you’re only 4 and 2 years old!). We don’t start holiday decorating until after Remembrance Day, so it’s a bit of a gap in terms of seasonal activities to do with the kids.

We do however, have lots of leaves to rake, gardens to pull out, and nature trails to explore. The air is getting chilly (though we’ve had some gorgeous mild temps in Halton Region this week) and the trees bare. With a few more layers added on or off, the kids are still happy to take part in all their usual outdoor fun.

Here’s Em riding her bike through a giant pile of leaves on a neighbourhood sidewalk. She loved the “crunching” sounds they made under her pedals and delighted in riding through as many piles as possible.


How are you spending the in-between season? As I look at my calendar, I see it filling up in the weeks ahead with dinner parties (some hosted by us- honestly hoping this goes well as fancy cooking and kids underfoot somehow doesn’t mix), brunches, get-togethers and concerts. All of which are fun, and we are certainly looking forward to catching up with friends and family and going to different events. But for now, with a brief quiet spell until I am swept up in entertaining, shopping and cooking, I’ll enjoy the quiet days riding through the leaves.



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Remembrance Day with Kids

November 1, 2015

It’s the first week of November, which means that Remembrance Day is just around the corner. As a granddaughter of a World War II veteran, I was brought up in a very patriotic family and Remembrance Day was always a sacred day. Of course, we had assemblies at school and did poppy-themed crafts. But, I had real-life stories to listen to and actual memorabilia to finger, which made history come alive for me and ingrained in me a deep respect, understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices of our armed forces and peacekeepers at home and abroad.

I now have children of my own, and I am saddened that they never got to meet their great-grandfather, who passed away three years before Cat was born. My girls won’t get to have that part of living history in their lives, the way I did. But I am determined that I raise them to be proud Canadians with a global understanding and empathy towards others. The challenge of course, is, how much do you teach them, and when? With topics as complex as war and peace, what is age-appropriate?

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Kids Spa Day (the natural way!)

October 16, 2015

My kids are at the age (2 and 4.5 years) where they love to copy me and follow me like a shadow. Sometimes, this is flattering, and other times, it’s annoying. Sorry, kids. I’ll move and unexpectedly bump into one. Or trip over a toddler who beelines out of nowhere. But the other day was one of those times when it was heart-meltingly adorable.

I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, applying moisturizer to my face. Em stood on her stepstool, seriously watching my reflection in the mirror. Next time I glanced at her,  she was carefully smoothing onto her face (and hair) the closest available product: a tub of her dad’s Vaseline that he uses for lip balm. I couldn’t help but laugh as I cleaned her up and promised her we’d play “beauty spa” when Grandma came next weekend for an overnight visit. My only dilemma: where to find natural “beauty” products that would be suitable for my kids to use (and let’s face it, probably lick).

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Summer is Here!

July 16, 2015

It is hot and sunny. The kind of weather I wish I could somehow bottle up and bring out on a freezing day in January. Just to feel the sweet, sweet heat on my face, and feel my tense muscles unwind as I sink, deeply and pleasantly, into total relaxation in a hammock (preferably with a mojito of some kind). I may blog about enjoying the great outdoors in all kinds of weather, but summer is more than a season to me- it’s my happy place.

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